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For your convenience you can contact the office using either the telephone, e-mail, mail or fax as provided below.
Telephone: (503)293-4302 or (541)563-2375                                      Fax: (503)293-0609 or (541)563-6480    

Mailing Address:
CAPPS & HESSONG CPA'S, LLC                                                    CAPPS & HESSONG CPA'S, LLC
9320 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 148                                                 PO Box 1329, 440 NE Commercial St
Portland, OR 97219                                                                      Waldport, OR 97394

We use our online portal, Google Drive, Docusign, or the file sharing service you prefer to share files safely and securely.  You can scan or take pictures of your documents and send to us from anywhere in the world.

We encourage you to communicate with us using email or text because communication should be on your time not ours.  We are available for your questions or assistance 24-7 by email or we can communicate by text or phone.








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Here are the best ways to contact us.


9320 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 148, Portland, OR 97219

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